How to make nail polish at home

Products, cosmetics, fragrance and feeling great. As a group of humans, we love looking and feeling good and we like to do it as much on the cheap as possible!

Not only do we like to do it on the cheap, but we also want to make money where we can. Plus, we also love learning new skills where we can to get better and more creative.

I challenge you to think of the times where certain things were all the rage. Tamagotchis? Furby? Pogs? Maybe it was the crazy bones? Slime? No matter what it is, as different generations, we were all around for at least one of them. Kids were going bonkers for it too and now…it’s perfume and nail varnish (which seems to have continued as a craze from flower crushing right the way through to what we’re going to be discovering today.)

The scrumptious scents are going to be left to another time. However, today, let’s check out the best way to make your own nail varnish in many different ways from your very own home!

Like any recipe, you need ingredients to get started. So, what are they and where do you get them from?

Ingredients needed for making nail polish at home

  • Clear nail polish
  • Eyeshadow or powdered colour (maybe even a good blusher!)
  • Glitter – (why not go environmentally friendly and use biodegradable which is available online for cheap!
  • Butter knife or wooden lollipop stick
  • Two or three sheets of card or paper.
  • A hairpin or cocktail stick.

A lot of these ingredients for your own ‘at-home-nail polish’ you can get from online. It’s cheap and affordable. Why not try eBay or Amazon? There are plenty of deals and also, some really unusual colours and textures! From glittery to shimmery, they have it all! Also, check out your local shops on the high street – Wilkinsons, Superdrug, Bodycare and Boots are just a few choices of where to get cheap ingredients from.

Ready to get started? Brilliant, let’s go!

  • Step one

Take your clear nail polish and tip out just less than a quarter of it. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated room and don’t do this around anyone who is asthmatic. You need to have enough space to ensure that you can fit the other coloured powders or glitters that you’re wanting to use.

A little extra tip is to make sure that you have something to tip your polish into. Maybe use a sandwich bag or perhaps a tub that you won’t use for anything else.

  • Step two

Make a funnel!

Remember that card or paper that we popped onto your ingredients list for making your own nail polish? Well grab it and get rolling! This ensures that your nail polish will be in your pots safely and without any spillages.

You can follow personable tips of taking a piece of card (or two sheets of paper if you’re using the thinner materials.) Next, fold the paper or card twice so that you have fold lines. The easiest way is to use the four smaller bits to then make a funnel shape.

Alternatively, check out the link here that shows you how to make a funnel slowly, so that creating your own nail polish at home is even easier!

Something to remember is that you will need a new funnel for each new colour of powder that you’re adding or the different glitters unless you’re wanting a mix!

  • Step three

Make sure that you choose your appropriate colour and then either use the butter knife (remember to accompany your kid if you’re the adult and are helping them) or the wooden lollipop stick to crush the powder as small as you can. Make sure that there are no clumps so that your nail polish creation is as smooth as possible!

  • Step four

Take your bottle that has some of the polish removed, wipe the brush so that it doesn’t drip onto anything and place it to one side, maybe on tissue as long as it’s not wet. Next, grab your funnel and use it to funnel the coloured powder or glitter into the polish.

It might get a little stuck but don’t worry…that’s what your toothpick it for. Get assisting it and poke it through if needs be.

Finally, get those hands and arms and shake, shake, shake that bottle until you’re mixed in nicely. Why not have a little dance with it to make your nail polish making even more fun at home!?

  • Step five

Check the colour.

Is it deep enough, bright enough or do you want a little bit of a change? Using about 4oz pots of eyeshadow gives the polish a luscious colour. If you want it darker or brighter, simply add a bit more to the mix and shake it in.

  • Step six

Get painting your nails and your kids’ as well! Have a pamper session and see how long you can make your nail polish stay on your beautiful nails for. Why not make it into a competition.

A little tip from others is to maybe add in a metal or glass bead and keep on shaking that bottle to keep your ingredients mixed thoroughly! Why not give it a try and see if it works for you? The colour mixes are endless, glitter possibilities in magical amounts and the pick and mixing almost as yummy as the sweets at the cinema!

Have fun, enjoy and get practising. Don’t forget to share your skills with friends and family as well. I’m sure they’ll be just as impressed as the rest and plus, you can be your own remote teacher too!

Other ideas are pampering parties, make it together or maybe just paint other people’s finger and toenails with your newest creations. If you can feel beautiful then why not share the love with others and help boost them up as well?

Have fun and keep on making new nail polish at home with fresh ingredients!

Photo by Tom Crew on Unsplash