Is pedicure good for kids?

Spa days, relaxing, pamper time and pedicures. We all love being treated, so why not start early and get your kids on board? They deserve some treating as well, right?

With this in mind, let’s look more specifically at pedicures. We associate them with adults, maybe the hen-do day or that birthday treat; the need to get preened and spruced up. The chance to get your mittens nicely groomed and then go out and flash your newly smoothed, coloured nails.

So is it right that kids as young as eight are going to spas or ‘spa-themed’ parties? It was never a thing twenty odd years ago to go to such things as a child. So, what’s changed and is it perfect for kids?

First and foremost, let’s get this right…beauty is now an equal contrast of a judged and unjudged part of society. It spreads across both genders and comes in many forms. It’s where a lot of today’s money is earned and people love to look and feel nice! Men, women, boys and girls alike, we’re all buzzing for it!

However, is there too much pressure on today’s millennials to keep themselves well-groomed and ‘spick and span?’ Also, is it really mentally healthy for eight or nine-year-olds to begin worrying about how their fingernails look at this age? Some might argue that they should be getting mucky and sticking them in the dirt! Why not get out in the garden and get digging, rather than worrying about preening and looking ‘pretty?’

Whichever way you look at it, there are two sides to exposing your child to new beauty regimes and spa days. The reality is, they will either embrace it and become mini-pedicured ladies and gents. Or, alternatively, you as parents refuse to allow them to partake in such activities and entirely isolate them from feeling and looking, in their eyes, ‘good?’ Which is the best? What should be allowed? Which is for the ‘greater good?’

Let’s break it down.

What are the disadvantages of your child getting a pedicure as a ‘kid’?

Bacteria transference

Cutting your child’s nails at such a young age and with a lower, constantly developing immune system comes with its concerns. Make sure that wherever your kid goes for their pampered pedicure session, they have sterilized and clean tools. Also, maybe try avoiding any sort of deeper trims, such as cuticles as they can cause small cuts that are potentially more viable to infection. Which isn’t right…at all!

Chemical based nail polish

Aside from the mental illness concerns, there are practical issues that you need to be aware of if your kid is mithering you for a manicure. Check that the nail polishes being used are ‘child-friendly’. According to Rhea Seymor, chemicals such as formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate have apparently been linked to cancer and impotence. They are not suitable to be used on such sensitive hands. If you see these on the ingredients, then STOP! Move the kid away from the polish and do something else! Maybe let them pop their feet or little fingers in some sweet smelling water and soften their skin instead?

Incorrect messages?

The questions is, ‘when you encourage your child to preen his or herself at such a young age, are you making your child mature faster than he or she needs to? Is this exposure to what are perceived as ‘adult pedicures’ giving our children the wrong messages? First thing first, is to be realistic and open.

Yes, if you’re hammering the need to look ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ into your child and they become beauty-focused at such a young age, then it’s not good. However, the odd mummy and daughter or sisterly day out are surely okay, right? Be mindful. There’s a huge difference between exposing your kid to unhealthy behaviours and having a bit of a ‘different day out.’

So are spa days and pedicures really that bad for our kids? Answer…no. As well as there being some different thoughts, it’s not all doom and gloom. Some kids love feeling pampered and why shouldn’t they?

So what are the advantages of a pedicure and why is it good for kids?

‘It’s a fun thing to do.’

Absolutely! It’s fun, it’s something different and it’s not as if your kid is going out there and getting permanently tattooed or dolled up, right? Painting your nails is creative. Kids can use their imagination and it’s part of a beautiful form that means exploring colour and designs. All of which are part of the process and expands the artistic side of the brain!

Exposure to new things

Nowadays, vulnerability is critical in society. As much as parents and guardians don’t like it, it’s tough to escape from. People need to engage and partake in new activities as trends and new ‘fads’ are coming into play.

In Egypt and China, men were painting their nails in 3000 BC. This simply showed your social status, determining if you were royalty or not. So, why should there be so much stigma attached to children painting their nails for fun? It’s merely exploring and if kids like their nails multicoloured, black or green, who’s in a place to judge?

Much needed attention and care

Adults go and get their nails done to feel good, right? They like to feel refreshed and treated, that’s just being a human. So why is it that kids shouldn’t get the chance to feel just as good? Truth is, we all deserve to feel nice and wanted. Why not treat kids to a mini-pedi and let them feel as unique as the adults do? There’s no harm and it affirms the belief that you as a person really are worth love, care and attention!

So, is a pedicure good for kids? Answer…it’s down to the person and how they perceive beauty. If it’s obsessive, then it would be argued, ‘no.’ However, for a bit of art, creativity and much-needed pampering? Then it’s a great big ‘yes’ from this end!

Photo by Frank Vex