Lipsticks for kids: Why and when they should wear lipstick

Lipstick is a symbol of beauty for many women all over the world. It helps to achieve specifics styles and elevate everyday looks. Lipstick is classic, elegant, and can be a lot of fun! A cherished memory for many young girls is watching their mother put on lipstick and being entranced by it.

Kids love to imitate their parents and may start wanting to put on lipstick themselves! It is up to parents to decide when is the appropriate age for a kid to start wearing lipstick. In many households, there are strict rules around makeup. The age for which kids are allowed to wear nail art or put on lipstick may vary, according to the rules of the household.

What Age Should A Child Wear Lipstick?

For some parents, child beauty pageants are common occurrences, and for others, girls may not be allowed to wear makeup until well into their teenage years. Of course, you don’t have to align with either of these extremes to consider when the right age is for kids to start wearing lipstick. Consider what your thoughts on the appropriate age for wearing lipstick are, and then clearly communicate that to your child.

Of course, you don’t want lipstick in the hand of your child when they are too young. Lose a tube of lipstick to your toddler and you may find it smeared all over their face, the mirror, and the walls!

Once you’ve decided what age you are comfortable with your child wearing lipstick, great! You can read on for tips on finding safe lipstick options and reasons why children may express a desire to wear it.

Is Lipstick Safe for Kids?

The first question you need to ask is whether or not lipstick is safe for kids. The answer is yes! There are several companies that produce lipstick lines made specifically for kids. These brands of lipsticks come in fun and bright glosses, glitters, and balms. They are made especially to be safe for children.

You can check to see if the lipstick is edible if you are worried about your child chewing the lipstick off their lips. If the lipstick or gloss is flavoured, this may be a likely occurrence. However, since lipstick is designed for the mouth you do not need to worry if your child ingests it.

If you are concerned about chemicals that may be found in lipstick for kids, you can do some research into companies that create natural and organic lipstick lines. These brands of lipstick will be more expensive, but it is up to you if you consider all-natural beauty products a priority or not. Make sure that any lipstick you buy is labeled non-toxic.

DIY Lipstick for Kids

You can also make your own lipstick with crayons! Crayons are of course safe for children, and you can add shea butter or coconut oil to make a nice smooth coating that will protect your child’s lips and keep them from chapping. There are several tutorials for DIY crayon lipsticks online.

This makes a perfect gift for a tween in your life, or it can be a fun activity for you and your children. You can also make sure that you create lipstick colors that you want when making them yourself! Plus, you will know exactly what ingredients are going into the lipsticks you create.

Why Do Kids Wear Lipstick?

There are many reasons why a kid would want to wear lipstick. Maybe she wants to be like her mother. Teaching your daughter how to put on lipstick could be an excellent way for a mother and daughter to bond. For many young girls, learning to put on makeup is a rite of passage. You could even create weekly mother-daughter time where you put on lipstick and do your nails to create fun kid nail designs!

If your child is fascinated by lipstick, why not use it as a tool to teach them colors? Kids lipsticks come in many bright and fun colors and if your child is old enough to hold a tube without smearing it everywhere, a nice set of lipstick could be a gift that helps kids learn their colors. You can even use lipstick as a reward for good behaviour, or as a promise for some bonding time with your child.

Once your daughter gets a little older however, she may express the desire to start experimenting with lipstick and other beauty products such as eyeliner or kids nail art. Kids tend to lean towards really bright and colorful types of lipstick! They also seem to enjoy shiny and glittery lipsticks as well. This can be a great way for a young girl to start expressing herself creatively. Fashion and beauty can be important parts to a child’s self-esteem. She may want to experiment with her personal style quite a bit and wearing lipstick could help her do that.

Girls like wearing lipstick like they like getting their face painted at carnivals – because its fun! Wearing lipstick can be a totally harmless thing for a young girl to do. Girls love to play dress up and they particularly like to dress up like their parents. If you put your lipstick on every day, it may be a form of imitation (the sincerest form of flattery!) that causes your child to express a desire to put on lipstick.

Children may often want to put on lipstick with their friends. Little princess dress-up parties are all the rage for children’s birthday parties! Your child may want to dress up as Cinderella, Tiana, Mulan, or Elsa! Wearing a bright blue lipstick will help your daughter feel like the ice queen from frozen for her next Halloween or birthday party. It can also be fun for kids to give each other makeovers or have sleepovers where they put on lipstick with their friends.

If you decide that you are okay with your child wearing lipstick, there is no reason why a child won’t have a fun and safe experience. Choose a brand that you trust and your child will enjoy wearing. Don’t forget to encourage your child as they explore their creativity with lipstick for kids!

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash